How to prepare your property for photography

We believe that the most important element of your property marketing materials is the photography. They need to grab people, to make them want to read your full property advert and arrange a viewing. Property photography is a very important step in the process of selling your home. A bit of preparation is key. Here are our top tips to get your home ready for those perfect shots…

  1. Cars - A driveway full of cars, even if they are Mercedes or BMWs, will add nothing of value to your photos. If you can find somewhere else to park your cars whilst the photos are being taken this will really benefit the finished product.
  2. Objects and clutter - One person’s tidy can often be another person’s bomb site. Keep hallways and rooms as clean and clear as possible. This will also help the rooms to appeal larger.
  3. Curtains and blinds - The best photos are always taken with as much natural light as possible. Make sure your curtains and blinds are wide-open and ready to let as much natural light into the room as possible.
  4. Shiny surfaces - Clean and clear any reflective surfaces. Dust and fingerprints can sometimes show up in photographs that include reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, white worktops and units, so make sure these are clear and polished for the best effect.
  5. Pets - If you do have a dog or cat or other animals try to tidy away any of their belongings. Whilst lots of people love animals, some do not and you want your property to appeal to as many different people as possible. 
  6. Furniture - Take a look at your furniture and how you have placed it. Does it maximise your square footage? Also, if you have some rooms that are being used as a different purpose, such as bedrooms being used as storage spaces it can often be helpful to return them to their original purpose so that the potential buyer can really imagine how best to use the room.

Whenever you wish to list your home for sale the team here at Philip Martin will be on hand to offer advice and create the perfect pictures to present your home in the best possible way. Our experienced team can offer help and advice in order to get the best photographs to ensure your property sells as quickly and efficiently as possible.