Home Isolation Tips

Get your home buyer-ready by avoiding these common property turn-offs!

As the majority of us are in lockdown at home it's a good excuse to use this time to get your property ready for the market, as you may still be thinking about your next move whether it's upsizing, downsizing or relocating. By taking just a little care and attention when preparing your home for selling, you can make all the difference when it comes to a prospective buyer making an offer. Avoid the pitfalls with our TOP TIPS to make sure your house gets snapped up when the market resumes. There may be a surge in activity so you'll need your property to stand out from the crowd.

1. One of the biggest property turn-offs is a dirty kitchen or bathroom. Being the most personal areas of the home, it’s essential that these are both tidy and clean. Make sure you give them a good spruce-up. Be critical about it and make sure they are looking as fresh as possible. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint isn't enough. Re-grout the tiles, make sure the cupboards and drawers close properly and get rid of clutter. Similarly, do the same in the bathroom and when it comes to viewings make sure both the bathroom and kitchen are gleaming. 

2. Bad smells! The old adage that the smell of a pot of fresh coffee or baking bread will entice your buyer, may not be proven but you should certainly be mindful of bad smells. The top of the list for bad smells that will put a buyer off is the smell of dogs! So, if you have pets, make sure you’ve cleaned up pet hair and that dog beds or baskets are clean and fresh. Keeping your house well-aired prior to a viewing will also help to dispel any lingering odours. But don't use fake smells such as candles, scent sticks or diffusers, they don't work.

3. It’s not just kitchen surfaces that should be kept free of clutter, this can be applied to all areas of your home. Leaving things lying around could indicate a lack of storage and also won’t show off your rooms to their full potential. Renting an off-site storage container while your property is on the market is a way of removing excess possessions without having to part with them for good. Un-cluttered rooms can really help buyers to envisage themselves living there. 

4. Many viewers will conduct a ‘drive-by’ of your property in advance of a viewing so before your house goes on the market make sure that the exterior is in tip-top condition. Put your bins out of sight, keep your front windows clean and make sure that any fences or gates are tidy and in working order. Clean the gutters and facias, give it a fresh coat of paint or wash the walls down. Clear the driveway of weeds and give it a pressure wash. 

5. Let there be light! Make sure that every room is as bright and as light as possible and now you have the time, check each room at different times of the day. Make sure that blinds and curtains can be fully opened to maximise the natural light and get rid of those net curtains, they absorb more light than you might think. During the winter months, or an evening viewing, make sure your home is well-lit. It’s so much more inviting to walk into a nicely lit home than a dark one. Paint dark walls white, clear the windows of clutter and let that light in - it makes such a difference. 

6. Clear the garden. Cut the grass, strim the lawn edges, cut back the hedges, weed the flower beds, paint the fence... You don't need to be Alan Titchmarsh, just put in some hard work and time to make it look as good as it can be without spending too much money.

For expert advice, contact us today. We may not be able to visit you now but we can certainly give you some guidance on what to do and what not to do.