Drone Photography

One of the main attractions of a Cornish property is often the landscape that surrounds it. However, it can be challenging to properly capture such scale and beauty on camera.

That is where drone photography comes in to its own: it can provide stunning images that catch the eye, creating an emotional response. A 30-second film clip, where the viewer feels as though they are flying down a tree-lined drive, then rising up over the house to reveal a stunning water view can be mesmerising and beneficial to a successful sale.

More importantly, due to the increased popularity of drone usage, some authorities have put regulations in place forbidding their use in a range of locations. It is the responsibility of the drone operator to demonstrate that they have the necessary consents to fly over the relevant stretch of land and that’s why we use Bad Wolf Horizon. They are AWARD-WINNING, commercial drone pilots who specialise in aerial photography and aerial filming and most importantly they are based here in Cornwall.

If the true value of your property can only be demonstrated by showcasing its location, commissioning drone photography may well be the answer.