Relocation, relocation, relocation

We look at how the pandemic has changed the Cornish sales market and what buyers are looking for now compared to pre-Covid.

If we look back to the now somewhat halcyon days pre-Covid, the Cornish property market was very different to what it has become today. Yes, we were selling homes in-county but may of our larger, waterfront properties were being purchased as second homes – either for sole private use, or for the holiday rental market. Fast forward nearly two years and our experience with buyers has changed. We do still have a huge interest from out of county purchasers, but their needs have now altered and we have seen a sharp rise in the number people who are making their Cornish home, their forever home.

The Roseland has proved a very popular choice when it comes to relocation and we have identified a number of reasons why. Firstly, our out of county buyers tend to be relocating from the city or commuter belts in order to find some ‘space’ to breathe. Escaping those urban confines for the lush green fields and endless coastal paths of the Roseland has been high on the agenda. Similarly, many of our properties in this area also tend to have large private gardens or grounds, so they tick the rural idyll on both accounts. We have also seen a trend in the requirement for extra rooms or an annexe to afford multi-generational living, and our larger homes certainly give scope for this.

Properties that offer home working spaces – whether that be in the form of a study, extra bedroom or garden office/building – have proved very popular. While some families and couples are relocating their home, they’re not changing their jobs and so need a home-base to work from. Luckily, Superfast Cornwall has been a pioneering programme that has helped make Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly one of the best-connected places in the world.

Views and vistas have also topped our buyers’ wish lists. With so many now working from home, that extra benefit of being able to gaze out upon open countryside or across the water has been a big draw. Whilst in the midst of last year’s lockdowns, restrictions on movement saw this aspect of a property attract a huge premium. Although we have, hopefully, moved away from such restrictions having some private, safe outdoor space and a vista to gaze upon is still high the agenda.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has had an effect in mental health, and across the UK we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of wild swimming. From health professionals and top fitness industry gurus to celebrities and social media influencers, the benefit of cold water immersion has been extolled extensively. Proximity to water is certainly something that our buyers are requesting, and with the Roseland’s stunning coastline access to the water is around every corner. A change in location brings with it a change in lifestyle, and we are seeing work-life balance come to the fore more than ever, and where better to achieve that than in our stunning corner of Cornwall.

Gone are the days of the attraction of the anonymity afforded by city living. For some, this proved to be a somewhat lonely existence during lockdown and we have seen a U-turn when it comes to buyers wanting to be part of a community. Many have seen the benefits, support and indeed friendship that comes with living in a village. Luckily, the Roseland has many to choose from. There is also no need to sacrifice anything when it comes to entertaining and eating out. Whereas once the UK’s towns and cities were the only culinary havens, now Cornwall has found itself firmly on the foodie map with award-winning places to eat, chefs and producers at every junction.

If you are looking to relocate to the Roseland, get it touch as we would love to hear about your dream home in Cornwall.